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Sign & Engraving Trade Service
We supply various trade customers with the following.  Can we help you?
Please contact us for more details, quotations dealt with promptly.
All enquiries treated in strictest confidence.

Anodised Aluminium Sheets
We carry stocks of anodising quality aluminium sheet which we can supply satin anodised
either sealed, or unsealed  suitable for printing with Aluprint dyes.
Our standard size is 1000mm. x 660mm.Thickness from .5mm to 3mm

Other sizes can be supplied, please enquire.

Anodising Service
We can anodise silver, black & various colours. Ideal for aluminium panels that have been engraved,
holes cut, countersunk, bevelled edges etc. where un-anodised areas must not show.

Aluprint Printing Service
Aluprint dyes screen printed onto unsealed anodised aluminium, then sealed, creates a highly durable
& practical product. Ideal for machine nameplates, serial plates, control panel facias etc.
We can work from computer generated artwork supplied either on disc, email attachment or drawing.

Etched Nameplates, Plaques, Signs & Facias
Chemical etching on brass & stainless steel. Using computer generated artwork we can faithfully
reproduce your graphics then paint fill. Ideal for plaques with complex logos & crests, also volume
work such as machine nameplates.

Punched Metal Blanks & Panels
Using our CNC punching machines we can punch out sheet metal components from 'dog' tags to control panel facias
very efficiently,  especially so in quantity.