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Control & Instrument Panel Fascias

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Various facias & backpanels manufactured by John Beaumont Limited.

Control Panel Fascias, Instrument Panel Fascias &  backpanels  manufactured  in anodised &
aluchromed aluminium,   stainless steel, painted steel & aluminium, acrylic, polycarbonate,
PVC, Formica, etc.
With graphics applied by  screen  printing,  chemical / photo  engraving,   machine  engraving 
or  Aluprinting.
Our artwork department can design suitable graphics or use customers designs & files.
Metal facias can be bent, folded, & fitted with threaded studs, bushes & stand-offs.
Our Aluprinted aluminium facias are anodised in house after cutting, punching,
bending & surface finishing, therefore all edges, countersunk holes & bevels etc. are anodised.
Anodising is a very hard durable coating for aluminium which can be permanently dyed with
a range of colours to produce multi-coloured graphics on silver or coloured backgrounds.
Stainless steel facias up to 3mm thick can be manufactured using our
Trumpf CNC punching machines then engraved, etched or screen printed as required.